East Timor Trip

Event Name East Timor Trip
Organizer ANZGITA
Sponsorship Olympus Australia and New Zealand
Date 15-18 July, 2019
Venue East Timor
Participants 2 Olympus employees
Event Outline In July 2019, Olympus Australia and New Zealand (OAZ) donated medical equipment to ANZGITA and as part of the donation, sent over OAZ staff members Sharon Kirk and Tomas Kral to East Timor to help with the installation and the education of local hospital staff, with the team focussing their training on the effective use of the existing and recently donated Olympus equipment. ANZGITA aims to improve health for the people of the developing Asian-Pacific nations, and from time to time, OAZ provide donatable equipment to help support the organisation with their mission.
The local staff were extremely appreciative of both the equipment and additional support provided by OAZ, and noted they had never experienced such high quality service from a medical device company.

Group photo with hospital staff (1)

Group photo with hospital staff (2)

Tomas setting up equipment