World Cancer Day Information Sessions

Event Name World Cancer Day Information Sessions
Organizer KeyMed (Medical & Industrial Equipment) Ltd.
Date February 4, 2020
Venue Southend, Plymouth, Bolton / UK
Participants 150 Olympus employees
Event Outline To increase awareness of Olympus' work in the field of cancer prevention & early diagnosis, employee information sessions took place across UK and Ireland on World Cancer Day, 4 February 2020. During these sessions, employees learnt more about Macmillan, a leading UK cancer charity, and Olympus' support towards Macmillan's GP programme. Representatives from the charity spoke about how advancements in technology has improved early diagnosis and the role everyone can play on seeking out early symptoms. Employees also took part in some interactive sessions to identify polyps, discover the patient pathway, take on a lung cancer puzzle and explore a virtual reality bladder to understand more about early detection.

Representatives from Macmillan

The slogan for the Cancer Awareness Campaign of Olympus

Interactive sessions