Results of 2019 Endoscopy Awareness Survey

Event Name Results of 2019 Endoscopy Awareness Survey
Organizer Olympus Corporation
Date 10 July, 2019
Venue (Japanese)
Participants 54,680 respondents
Event Outline To mark Endoscopy Day in Japan (July 14), Olympus invites the public to participate in an annual endoscopy awareness survey, and posts the results on a website dedicated to abdominal health, cancer screening, and endoscopy used for examinations and treatments (
The primary aim of publishing the survey results is to create an opportunity for the general public to gain a greater understanding about endoscopy as it is practiced today, as well as its importance and benefits. This year's special centennial anniversary edition of the survey included additional questions soliciting respondents' opinions on the aspects of endoscopy that have significantly improved over the years, as well as on areas requiring further enhancements. The survey results were posted on Wednesday, July 10. We were pleased to see a record number of respondents (54,680) for this year's survey.

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