Award-Winning ProductsIPLEX NX (Industrial Videoscope)

Design Awards

  • Winner of 2016 "Good Design Best 100" - the best 100 of all the 2016 Good Design Award winners.

Product Overview

The IPLEX NX is an industrial videoscope used for maintenance and quality inspection of components and industrial facilities in deep and constricted environments, such as the inside of aircraft engines and factory pipes.
The brightest and highest image quality among all the IPLEX series contributes to improving inspection efficiency, while remarkably evolved "Stereo Measurement" enables users to inspect even further and wider areas. With the ingenious features inherited from the conventional IPLEX series, such as intuitively operable touch-panel user interface, high-reliability and durability even under harsh conditions, and the body configurable for maintaining comfort when using the IPLEX NX in various environments, IPEX NX helps to bring about more accurate and efficient inspection than ever before.

Good Design Award