Award-Winning ProductsORBEYE (Surgical Microscope)

Design Awards

  • Good Design Award 2018 Winner

Product Overview

The surgical microscope system equipped with 4K 3D video technology. It was researched and developed by Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc., a joint venture of Olympus and Sony Imaging Products & Solutions, Inc. High-resolution 4K 3D digital images enable three-dimensional observation of the microscopic structure of tissues and blood vessels with high resolution to support precision surgery.
Digitization significantly reduced the microscopic volume (by 95% from the previous model*), enabling the operator to secure a wide surgical space. In addition, the reduction of the microscopic volume eliminates the need for troublesome balancing of the arm, helping downsize the sterile drape used to clean the microscope and improve the viscosity, and is also expected to reduce the setup time.
* OME-9000: about 19,000 cm3, ORBEYE: about 820 cm3

Good Design Award