Award-Winning ProductsSZX16 (Industrial Microscopes)

Design Awards

  • Machine Design Award 2007 : Japan Industrial Design Promotion Award Winner

Product Overview

The SZX16 is a high-end stereo microscope system used in various fields, such as biological arenas where fluorescent observation is conducted, and cutting-edge industrial research, development and quality control.
The SZX16 features the world’s highest 16.4x zoom ratio* and the largest numerical aperture (NA).
The combination of high resolving power and deep focal depth provides high-resolution and high-contrast observation images, and the newly designed coaxial illumination unit provides bright and even images in fine detail during fluorescent observation.
The ultra-slim 41 mm transparent illumination stand, designed to be easy to use and fatigue-free, helps to improve work efficiency. The triocular tubes with ergonomically optimized convergence angle effectively eliminates eyestrain even during prolonged observation.

* As of the end of March 2006, in the stereoscopic microscope arena, based on information available to Olympus at the time.

Machine Design Award