• 2020


    Launch of
    EVIS X1

  • 2019

    100 years Endeavor for Better

    Celebration of Olympus 100th Anniversary.

  • 2018

    Introduction of new Corporate Philosophy.

  • 2017


    Launch of ORBEYE surgical microscope, incorporating the latest advances in 4K 3D video technology.

  • 2016


    Launch of VANTA series, a range of hand held XRF analyzers.

    OM-D E-M1 Mark II

    Launch of OM-D E-M1 Mark II.

  • 2015

    surgical endoscope system with 4K

    Introduction of a surgical endoscope system with 4K resolution based on technology developed by Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc.

  • 2013

    OM-D E-M1

    Launch of OM-D E-M1 mirrorless camera.

  • 2012


    Launch of EVIS LUCERA ELITE system and EVIS EXERA III system.

    OM-D E-M5

    Launch of OM-D E-M5 mirrorless camera.


    Launch of THUNDERBEAT, an integrated surgical energy device.


    Formation of OSTA, Olympus Surgical Technologies America.

    Announcement of Olympus’ medium-term vision, designed to realize a "New Olympus" and take the Company "Back to Basics."

  • 2011

    OmniScan MX2

    Launch of OmniScan MX2, a phased array flaw detector.


    Launch of VISERA ELITE integrated surgical video endoscope system.

    Formation of a third-party committee by Olympus to investigate prior concealment of company losses.

  • 2010


    Formation of OSTE, Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe.


    Launch of BX3 system biological microscope.

    Acquisition of Innov-X Systems, Inc. to expand Olympus’ presence in nondestructive testing.

  • 2009

    Olympus Pen E-P1

    Launch of Olympus PEN E-P1 mirrorless camera.


    Launch of EPOCH1000 series ultrasonic flaw detectors.

  • 2008

    Gyrus PLC

    Merger with Gyrus PLC to deliver additional technology and sales/marketing knowhow to the Olympus surgical business.

    Olympus Vietnam Co., Ltd.

    Establishment of Olympus Vietnam Co., Ltd. manufacturing facility for cameras and medical equipment.

  • 2006

    Shanghai Medical Equipment Service Operation Center (SORC Shanghai) in China.

    Opening of Shanghai Medical Equipment Service Operation Center (SORC Shanghai) in China.


    Launch of EVIS EXERA II and EVIS LUCERA SPECTRUM endoscopic video systems, featuring Narrow Band Imaging (NBI).

  • 2005

    R/D Tech Inc.

    Acquisition of R/D Tech Inc. to expand the nondestructive testing device business.

    Shirakawa Medical Equipment Service Operation Center (SORC Shirakawa)

    Opening of Shirakawa Medical Equipment Service Operation Center (SORC Shirakawa) in Japan.

  • 2004


    Launch of FLUOVIEW FV1000, the world’s first laser scanning microscope with two independent scanners.

    LEXT OLS3000

    Launch of LEXT OLS3000 microscope, the first in the LEXT 3D confocal laser microscope series.

  • 2003

    Renaming of company to Olympus Corporation.


    Launch of E-1 digital SLR camera with interchangeable lenses.

  • 2002


    Launch of electrosurgical ITknife.


    Launch of EVIS LUCERA, the world’s first high-definition endoscopic video system.


    Launch of VISERA series, an integrated video system for surgery.

  • 2001


    Introduction of IPLEX industrial videoscope system.

  • 2000


    Introduction of EVIS EXERA series endoscopic video system.

  • 1996


    Launch of FLUOVIEW confocal laser scanning biological microscope.


    Launch of MX50 semiconductor inspection microscope.

    CAMEDIA C-800L / C-400L

    Launch of C-800L/D-300L and C-400L/D-200L, Olympus’ first consumer digital cameras.

  • 1995

    Olympus Endo-Repair Europa GmbH

    Establishment of Olympus Endo-Repair Europa GmbH, the endoscope repair service center for the European market, in Hamburg, Germany.

  • 1993


    Launch of BX series of biological microscopes and UIS series of object lenses, which improved product appeal in the AX, BX, CX, and IX series of microscopes.

  • 1991

    micro [mju:] / Infinity Stylus

    Launch of first µ [mju:] / Infinity Stylus camera, which became one of the world’s best-selling Olympus cameras.

  • 1990

    EVIS100(1989) / 200(1990)

    Launch of EVIS100 (1989) and 200 (1990) endoscopic video information systems.

  • 1987

    Beijing office

    Establishment of the Beijing office to market microscopes and endoscopes in China.

    KeyMed Ltd.

    Acquisition of the British company KeyMed Ltd. as an Olympus subsidiary.

  • 1985

    endoscopic video information system

    Introduction of Olympus’ endoscopic video information system.

  • 1983


    Launch of AH2 microscope series, the world’s first microscope with autofocus functionality.

    Merger of two U.S. sales units to form the North American subsidiary, Olympus Corporation.

    OES (Olympus Endoscopy System)

    Development of OES (Olympus Endoscopy System), featuring new waterproofing and optical fiber technologies along with ergonomic handling.

  • 1980


    Launch of BH2 microscope series.

    Development of an Olympus ultrasound endoscope system.

  • 1979

    Winter & Ibe GmbH

    Acquired Winter & Ibe GmbH to establish Olympus Winter & Ibe for the production and supply of surgical endoscopes and instruments.

    the National Service Center in San Jose

    Opening of the National Service Center in San Jose, California, for U.S.-based Olympus equipment repairs.

  • 1977

    Establishment of Olympus Camera Corporation as a sales base in the United States.

  • 1975

    surgical rigid medical endoscope

    Collaboration with Hamburg-based Winter & Ibe GmbH to produce surgical rigid medical endoscope, with Olympus supplying the optical systems.

  • 1972


    Launch of OM-1, a compact, lightweight, SLR camera, which was initially named M-1.

  • 1969


    Introduction of ZUIKO PEARLCORDER, the world’s first microcassette tape recorder.

  • 1968

    Olympus Corporation of America

    Establishment of Olympus Corporation of America as a sales subsidiary for microscopes and medical equipment in the United States.

  • 1966


    Launch of GFS gastrofiberscope, which didn’t have a camera mechanism on the tip.

  • 1964


    Start up of Olympus Optical Co. in Hamburg, Germany, as Olympus’ European headquarters (1963) with registration completed in 1964.


    Launch of GTF gastrocamera with fiberscope.

  • 1959


    Launch of Olympus PEN, an innovative half-frame film camera.

  • 1952

    GT-I gastrocamera

    Launch of GT-I gastrocamera.

  • 1950

    world’s first practical gastrocamera

    Development of world’s first practical gastrocamera.

  • 1949

    Renaming of company to Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.

  • 1936

    Semi-Olympus I

    Launch of first Olympus camera, the Semi-Olympus I, after development of Zuiko photographic lenses.

  • 1927

    Showa GK

    Launch of Showa GK immersion microscope.

  • 1921

    Registration of Olympus name as a trademark.

    Registration of Olympus name as a trademark.

  • 1920

    Asahi microscope

    Sales launch of Asahi microscope.

  • 1919

    Takeshi Yamashita

    Founding of Olympus by Takeshi Yamashita under the company name Takachiho Seisakusho; established in Tokyo, Japan, for domestic production of microscopes.