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The Future That We Envision

Realizing a Healthy Organization where everyone is empowered to perform their best.

As a part of the corporate transformation plan that the Olympus Group has been implementing since 2019, we have focused on reforming our organizational culture with the aim of growing into a truly global MedTech company. In addition, under the new company strategy that we launched in March 2024, we have made the creation of a Healthy Organization a focus area of our ESG strategy. Our ESG strategy states Diversity, Equity and Iinclusion, employee development and engagement and workplace safety and human rights.

  • Materiality Topics
    Top Priority
    • Diversity, equity and inclusion
    High Priority
    • Employee development and engagement
    • Workplace safety and human rights

WhyWhy are we taking these actions?

Everyone is empowered to perform our best

Olympus Perspective: Our Ideal Corporate Culture

As part of our transformation, we are aiming to realize a Healthy Organization. We are working to comprehensively improve our corporate culture by looking at both the needs of the Company and the day-to-day experiences of our employees. To evolve our corporate culture in which each and every employee can perform at their best, which is the foundation for achieving sustainable growth, we are implementing various activities globally..

When those two elements of the needs of the Company and the day-to-day experiences of our employees are in balance, we will be a Healthy Organization that is able to reach our full potential. Our aim is to develop an impactful framework and working environment to create a meaningful employee experience.

  • Everyone in the organization contributing to Our Purpose while living Our Core Values
  • Everyone is dedicated to raising business performance to improve the outcome for our customers and patients
  • Our commitment to employees is equal to the dedication we provide to customers and patients
  • We provide opportunity for growth, unlock the full potential of our people and have a sense of belonging at the same time

HowHow will we achieve this?

Three approaches to realize a Healthy Organization

Approach 1: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Promotion of DEI

Olympus has been implementing its global DEI strategy since April 2023. Our ESG strategy states the promotion of DEI as one of the materiality topics and sets targets relating to promoting the advancement of women on a global level. In particular, we have set individual goal for Japan as an area of focus and will continue to promote DEI there.

In June 2023, we also established the new position of Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer (CDO). The CDO is responsible for overseeing and driving initiatives under our DEI strategy at the global level.

<Materiality Topics>Diversity, equity and inclusion

Approach 2: Employee Development and Engagement

Our development and learning offers support for professional growth and improvement of employee engagement

The Olympus Group regards its employees as its most important management resource from a long-term perspective. By treating every employee with respect, sincerity and empathy, we aspire for the Olympus Group as a whole to become an organization capable of responding with speed and solidarity in the face of changes in the business environment. To achieve this goal, we require all our employees to deeply understand the principles and values shared by the entire Olympus Group, hold the skills to conduct business on a global scale along with leadership and a high level of expertise. We also believe it is important to view human resource development from the perspective of personnel training. Olympus provides a wide range of development offers, both on a global and regional/local level. We are implementing a variety of initiatives and to conduct various training to strengthen leadership and execution competencies to develop talent for global success.

We also conduct employee surveys (core value surveys) to listen to the opinions of employees and achieve a better corporate culture and work environment. The results are shared with management, including regional management, and measures are implemented at various organizational units.

<Materiality Topics>Employee development and engagement

Approach 3: Workplace Safety and Human Rights

Ensuring safe and healthy workplace and respect for human rights

The Olympus Global Code of Conduct states that “Safe and healthy workplace is a major priority. We take proactive steps to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses at work and promote good health and wellness as well as work-friendly environment.” Based on this policy, efforts to promote the better health of employees are regarded as an important factor in supporting the sustainable growth of the company, with the company actively building and maintaining a Health Promotion System and engaging in concrete initiatives.

In addition, Olympus supports the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. To put international initiatives into practice in our business activities, we have also clearly spelled out respect for human rights in the Olympus Global Code of Conduct. In addition, we have formulated the Olympus Group Human Rights Policy that stipulates the implementation of human rights due diligence based on the UN Guiding Principles. We strive to respect human rights in the management of our businesses.

<Materiality Topics>Workplace safety and human rights

WhatWhat specifically will we do?

Initiative Example 1: Olympus Appointed Wenlei Yang as the Newly Established Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer (CDO)

Wenlei Yang was named CDO in June 2023. The CDO is responsible for overseeing driving initiatives under our DEI strategy at the global level.

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