"Going on Talk" for Cancer Survivors (Korea)

October 12, 2020

"Going on Talk" for Cancer Survivors (Korea)

Event Name Going on Talk
Organizer Olympus Korea Co., Ltd., Korean Cancer Society
Date 30 July, 2020
Venue Mind Lab the Place (Psychiatric Clinic)
Participants 11 cancer survivors
Event Outline "Going on Project" was launched to improve mental health and the quality of life of cancer survivors through meaningful activities which raise public awareness of cancer survivors, including their lives after diagnosis, treatment, and the way of supporting them. "Going on Talk" is one of the education programs for cancer survivors in "Going on Project" which provides basic programs for emotional supports and mental health care for cancer survivors, and it also focuses on counseling related to daily life after treatment ends.

Dr. Lee Kwang-min, Psycho-Oncology Psychiatrist (Mental Health for Cancer Patient), Who is Lecturing Online


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