Notice of Expiration of Olympus Hall Hachioji Naming Rights

October 20, 2020

Olympus Corporation (President and CEO: Yasuo Takeuchi) today announces that the naming rights contract for Olympus Hall Hachioji will end on March 31, 2021. In April 2011, Olympus Corporation acquired naming rights for the new Hachioji civic hall, at the south entrance of JR Hachioji Station, as part Olympus’ support for the local community, culture and arts. Since then, the civic hall become known to many as "Olympus Hall Hachioji."

Since we established a facility in Ishikawa, Hachioji City, in 1963, the city has been a hub of technological development for Olympus, bringing jobs and other benefits to the local economy, while helping enrich the local community through various events. We acquired the naming rights of the new Hachioji civic hall under contract from April 2011 through March 2021 in support of the culture and arts in Hachioji and to contribute to the revitalization of the local community.

Over these ten years, Olympus Hall Hachioji has become a familiar name to many Hachioji residents and others, elevating the Olympus brand image in the local community while helping support culture and the arts. Having fulfilled this role, we determined that it would be appropriate for the contract to lapse after its term completes.

As we make the strides of our management strategy towards becoming a global medtech company known, our focused efforts in healthcare will enable us to contribute to local communities in a new form. We will continue to partner with the local government and community in Hachioji, engaging together with our employees working at the Olympus Hachioji facility to enrich our local community activities and contributions.

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