Stomach Care Month, Press Seminar (China)

December 16, 2020

Stomach Care Month, Press Seminar (China)

Event Name Stomach Care Month, Press Seminar (China)
Organizer Olympus (China) Co., Ltd.
Date 28 October, 2020
Venue Beijing / China
Participants 56 media
Event Outline The launching ceremony of Olympus Stomach Month 2020 was held in Beijing on October 28, aiming to promote the importance of early detection and early treatment of cancer to the public. A total of 56 media participated in the event both online and offline. A survey on the current status of endoscopy in the Chinese public was released at the event, and a gastroenterologist was invited to share the knowledge of prevention and treatment of digestive tract diseases.

The Launching Ceremony

Sharing the Knowledge of Prevention and Treatment of Digestive Tract Diseases


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