Creating a "cycle of happiness" for society and employees by providing emotional support to patients
Interview of participants
Message from the cooperating organization

Interview of participants

It was nice to have the same experience as a family

A patient's mother

It was nice to be able to spend time with my family. I usually take care of and am concerned about my child, so it was good to have this opportunity to talk about things I normally would not discuss and have the same experience. It was also nice that I was able to talk to other parents who are in the same situation as I am.
Further, since we took photos while taking a walk after we learned how to operate the camera at the hospital, the whole process was easy to understand. I was happy that we had the rare opportunity of being photographed by a professional cameraman in a family photo and this would be kept as memory in the form of a photo. In any event, I am grateful. I would like them to continue this activity in the future.

It was nice to have communicated with other parents from our heart

A patient's father

I participated in this activity for two consecutive years because it was nice to have heartful communication with other parents who were struggling with the same illness. The children who participated had different medical histories. Some were close to completing treatment while others had just begun treatment. I was grateful that we could share views and information.
The typical image of a father is that he cannot spend time with his child because he is too busy with work. But since I don't know what will happen to my child, I changed my lifestyle and got involved with the affairs of my child. I was given a letter of gratitude by my child at the presentation ceremony. In the letter, my child used the word "forever," and I could not stop crying. My family bond has become stronger.
I am very thankful to all the volunteer staff members who worked very hard and could be trusted. The programs designed from the children's viewpoint were also very good.

Message from the cooperating organization

Helping children make memories

Jaewoo Chung
Director, Planning & Management Service Division
Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture

Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture is an organization that supports artists in the Incheon area where an international airport is located. It also conducts programs for children who cannot go to school with a view to serving the citizens.
We proposed a program for taking photos of "interesting street scenes" which led to this collaboration. We had some anxiety before implementation because this was the first program for patients. However, with support from OKR's CSR team, we were able to implement the program with ease. The children were more cheerful than we had expected, and that had a positive effect on us as well. I hope that the children will cherish the memories of this experience until they become adults.
OKR's staff members were passionate and creative, and it was very nice that they worked as volunteers rather than just doing their job. I hope that they will continue helping children make memories.

Creating a "cycle of happiness" for society and employees by providing emotional support to patients