Creating a "cycle of happiness" for society and employees by providing emotional support to patients
Interview of OKR's volunteer staff

Interview of OKR's volunteer staff

I was happy when the parents thanked me

Kim Soyeon
Manager, PR Team, CSR & Compliance Division

OKR's CSR activities are wide-ranging. I participate in those activities to which I believe I can contribute. I decided to participate this time because the activity involved supporting photo shoot by children mainly outdoors.
Children have incredible power. Since they do not spend much time outside the hospital, they were very happy going on a picnic with their family, and this empowered them more. Being with them, I was also empowered.
I was happy when the children's parents thanked me. I am really pleased that OKR has been engaged in such activities.

I can believe that I am being of use to society

Jin Hyunmin
Manager, Medical Service Division, Service Planning Group

I participated in the event this year also because I was pleased to have participated last year. I had a slightly negative image that taking part in activities for patients would be painful. However, when I participated, my perception changed because the children had a bright smile on their face. Taking part in such activities makes me recognize those things that I cannot know from the company work alone. I can smile together with the children, and I really like that I am of use to society.

I am proud of my work

Baik Eunyoung
Manager, Insurance Team, Medical Management Division

I have participated in several volunteer activities to date. I participated this time because I was moved when I watched a video of this activity carried out last year. Although such activities are not directly related to work, I am proud of my work, as it enables the proper launch of endoscopes that contribute to the treatment of cancer.
I, too, have an adolescent child and can imagine the hardship that parents of patients go through. I was also glad that through this activity I was able to listen to parents' stories by putting myself in their shoes.

Network expands with common experiences

Jo Soyeon
Insurance Team, Medical Management Division

My younger brother had leukemia when he was young. At that time, there were no activities to allow families and patients get together. So, I thought it was nice that the program involved families. Although I was constantly worried about my younger brother back then, I was glad that I was able to carry an ordinary conversation today with sick children as if they were healthy children. I felt that I have matured.
I was able to participate in the program with peace of mind because OKR's CSR team prepared in advance to avoid putting a burden on the volunteer members. I believe that this kind of activities are very good because it allows us to have common experiences with people from other departments with whom I rarely have any contact on ordinary work days and to broaden my network.

Creating a "cycle of happiness" for society and employees by providing emotional support to patients