Olympus Chronology

Back to Basics as a New Olympus with the Medical Business as the Core Segment (2012-Today)

The new management team began the process of restoring confidence in Olympus by pledging that the company would never again engage in improper activities, and by announcing a new medium-term vision designed to create a "new Olympus."

The medical business was positioned as the core segment. Olympus began to introduce flagship products in the gastrointestinal and surgical fields and also established a repair service center at Ina in Nagano Prefecture. The continuing concentration of management resources into the medical area includes plans for the construction of a series of new plants for medical devices.


The IX3 Series (IX83, IX73, IX53)

  • Olympus announces the DSX Series of opto-digital microscopes for industrial use. (Jan.)
  • The Olympus OM-D and E-M5 mirrorless cameras go on sale. (Feb.)
  • Olympus launches the Thunderbeat integrated surgical energy device. (Mar.)
  • The EVIS EXERA III gastrointestinal videoscope system is launched in Europe and North America. (Apr.)
  • Hiroyuki Sasa is appointed President. (Apr.)
  • Olympus announces a medium-term vision designed to realize a "New Olympus" and take the company "Back to Basics." (Jun.)
  • The IX3 Series (IX83, IX73, IX53) inverted research microscopes are introduced. (Jul.)
  • Olympus forms a business and capital alliance with Sony. (Sep.)
  • The Evis Lucera Elite gastrointestinal videoscope system is introduced in the Japanese market. (Oct.)
  • Olympus announces plans for the construction of new building at its three main medical plants in Aomori and Fukushima. (Dec.)


The Olympus OM-D E-M1 mirrorless cameras

  • Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc. is established. (Apr.)
  • Olympus announces a 3D surgical endoscopy system. (Apr.)
  • The Olympus OM-D and E-M1 mirrorless cameras are launched. (Oct.)
  • A repair service center is established in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture to strengthen endoscope repair services and equipment management in Japan. (Dec.)


  • Olympus introduces upper digestive tract and colorectal endoscopes with approximately 80x optical magnification. (Oct.)


Surgical endoscope system with 4K resolution

  • Olympus uses a matrix organizational structure that maximizes the use of corporate resources by interconnecting businesses and functions in a balanced and efficient manner. (Apr.)
  • Olympus announces a surgical endoscope system with 4K resolution based on technology developed by Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc. (Oct.)


Olympus PEN-F

  • Olympus Corporation establishes its regional headquarters for Middle East and Africa (MEA) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (February)
  • Olympus launches the Olympus PEN-F
    The compact system camera special PEN with a timeless beauty in its design. (February)
  • Olympus launches the Olympus PCF-H290Z Series Video Colonoscope system. (March)
  • Olympus announces the IPLEX HX Industrial Videoscope. (April)
  • Olympus launches the Single Use Aspiration Needle EZ Shot 3 Plus. (April)
  • Olympus expands its THUNDERBEAT product line:
    THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw is the first Olympus product to be specially designed for open surgical procedures. (May)
  • Olympus announces the Olympus FluoView FV3000 and FV300RS, two new models of high-resolution confocal laser scanning microscopes. (July)
  • Olympus announces the launch of its Thai - Medical Training and Education Center (T-TEC) in Bangkok, Thailand.
    Contributing to Raising Awareness of Gastrointestinal and Surgical Endoscopes and the Standard of Diagnosis and Treatment Techniques in Southeast Asia. (July)
  • Olympus introduces its VANTA series, a range of handheld XRF analyzers – designed to increase productivity in materials analysis tasks. (September)
  • Olympus launches its EZDilate multi stage endoscopic balloon dilator
    Offers Visualization During Gastrointestinal Stricture Treatment. (November)
  • Olympus launches the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, it's new flagship mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. (December)


VISERA ELITE II, a surgical endoscope system with an infra-red (IR) imaging capability

  • Olympus launches the VISERA ELITE II, a surgical endoscope system with an infra-red (IR) imaging capability. (March)
  • Olympus announces the Olympus Tough TG-5
    The new ultra-rugged tough compact digital camera equipped with the field sensor system including GPC, Compass, Manometer, and Temperature. (June)
  • Olympus announces the new MX63 and MX63L industrial microscopes for inspection of semiconductors and flat panel displays (FPDs). (June)
  • Olympus announces the Olympus Ultra-Portable EPOCH 6LT Flaw Detector
    Designed for challenging conditions, such as rope-access inspections, the EPOCH 6LT enables simple, single-handed operation to carry out inspections safely and accurately. (June)
  • Olympus launches the Olympus ORBEYE Surgical Microscope, incorporating the latest advances in 4K 3D video technology, in Japan and America in early October 2017. (October)
  • Olympus launches the Olympus SnareMaster Plus
    Single-use electrosurgical snare specially designed for cold snare polypectomy. (October)
  • Olympus Korea announces the launch of its Korea - Medical Training and Education Center (K-TEC) in Incheon, Korea. (October)