Medium-Term Management Plan

Olympus Corporation announced a new medium-term management plan (2016 Corporate Strategic Plan(16CSP)) on the 30th of March 2016, a new five-year, medium-term management plan slated to begin in April 2016. Under this plan, Olympus will work to improve corporate value by strengthening the foundations of the business and developing an aggressive business portfolio for sustainable growth beyond its 100th anniversary in 2019.

Medium-Term Management Plan (16CSP)

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Positioning of 16CSP

Strengthening foundations and developing an aggressive business portfolio for sustainable growth beyond the 100th anniversary (2019)

Positioning of 16CSP

In the medium-term vision (From the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013 ~), we were aiming to enhance corporate value by recovering the trust that was damaged by the scandal and worked on restructuring the management. 16CSP is, beyond the 100th anniversary (2019), strengthening foundations and developing an aggressive business portfolio for sustainable growth. As a result, we are aiming to become leading global player in medical field in the future.

Basic Policies

"Business to Specialist" Company

Olympus defines a "Business to Specialist" Company as a company that can accurately understand the demands and unmet needs of highly specialized expert and aspirational customers (specialist) and respond by proposing and providing compelling solutions in a timely manner. Over the years, Olympus has continued to exercise its strengths as a "Business to Specialist" Company to grow by earning the trust of customers.

Going forward, we will continue to utilize these strengths as we seek to become an even-more valuable partner to our customers by calling upon our innovative thinking, expertise in advancing technology, operational excellence, and unsurpassed integrity.

One Olympus

We will maximize the performance of the entire Olympus Group by sharing values and strategies and making full use of management resources on a global and Groupwide basis.

Driven by this commitment, Olympus will strive to meet or exceed the expectations of all of its stakeholders through sustainable growth and act as a good corporate citizen, thereby contributing to society by making the lives of people around the world healthier, safer, and more fulfilling.

Priority Strategies

We have defined the following six priority strategies to ensure that we can strengthen foundations and develop an aggressive business portfolio for sustainable growth while achieving our management targets.

Take action to grow businesses

  • Expand lineups and promote sales of strategic products
  • Shift from installation based medical business model to procedure based medical business model
  • Pursue growth opportunities in peripheral businesses

Acquire necessary management resources in a timely manner and fully leverage these resources

  • Manage portfolio of businesses in fields with low growth potential and shift management resources to growing business fields
  • Recruit and develop capable human resources in a timely manner
  • Optimize global R&D systems and production systems (production site planning)

Advance forward-looking preparations to realize continued growth

  • Develop businesses and conduct upfront investments from a long-term perspective (technology research, exploration, and development)
  • Promote development of new businesses to advance minimally invasive treatments
  • Advance long-term measures for expanding businesses in emerging countries

Pursue further business efficiency improvements

  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency by optimizing product lineups
  • Standardize processes and improve inventory management

Enhance management on a global and Groupwide basis

  • Strengthen and improve the efficiency of Functions
  • Develop a mindset to realize One Olympus

Strengthen QA/RA and internal controls and promote strict compliance

  • Enhance quality management systems and organizations to further business expansion in medical field
  • Further strengthen internal control functions
  • Construct and implement compliance systems suited to a truly global company

Management Goals

Monitoring the outcome of the strategy carried out by four indicators, Return on Equity (ROE)", "Operating Margin", "EBITDA growth rate" and "Equity Ratio". Aiming high standards, while keeping these balances.

Management Goals

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Performance Targets

(Billions of Yen)

FY2021 (Forecast)
Net Sales 1,100
Operating Income 180
Net Income 120

Targets for Business Segment

(Billions of Yen)

FY2021 (Forecast)
Net Sales Medical 900
Scientific Solutions 130
Imaging 55
Others 15
Total 1,100
Operating Income Medical 235
Scientific Solutions 13
Imaging 2
Others -70
Elimination or Corporate
Total 180

* FY2021 forecast have been calculated using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Updated: Sep 13, 2017

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